Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nick Drake and HomeVibe?

So....do you all listen to Nick Drake? If not, you should. And if you already do, well good on ya!

All I keep thinking about while I listen to Nick's album "Bryter Layter" is how much I wish he was around for HomeVibe. I of course did not know Nick (he died of an overdose in 1974) but man, would he have fit in with the HomeVibe faithful. His music, his guitar licks, and of course, his unique and haunting lyrics. I can picture Nick in the green room at the Walnut Room hanging out with the likes of Kevin Mileski, Brendan James, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jessica Sonner, Dan Craig and the rest of the crew. Sharing stories, comparing music, and collaborating.

It is sad that a young man whose music was so intensely spiritual did not get to experience his success. Each of his albums only sold around 5,000 copies while he was alive. Now, after his death some 35 years later, his popularity has grown immensely.

I feel lucky to have an opportunity to work with so many amazing artists in the Denver music scene. And, I know that they are all witnessing and will continue to witness their success!

Thanks Denver music scene...Nick Drake would be proud!

Of course...Be good....enjoy your day...and make some time for music!

See you at the shows!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey all..Jeremy here from HomeVibe.

So....here I am....sitting in my home office listening to Dan Craig crank out tunes from his website, www.dcraigmusic.com.

Man, talk about some great music...this is ridiculous! Dan reminds me of why I love music....the innocence, the beautiful guitar melodies, the whispering lyrics, and the connection a listener can have with a musician's lyrics. I say, thank you Dan Craig for reminding me why I love music so much!!

I hope that on this Friday night all the HomeVibe faithful are listening to some great music, whether it be live, on a CD, or on some kind of internet based music site. Regardless, enjoy...music is the great healer!!

Of course...Be good....enjoy your day...and make sure you make some time for music!

See you at the shows!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

HomeVibe is Everywhere!!

Hey gang...Jeremy here from HomeVibe!! How are all the HomeVibe faithful doing?

Did you all get a chance to check out the latest HomeVibe feature in Denver Magazine? If not, check it out, and thanks to Denver Mag for hooking us up: http://bit.ly/RLQZu.

Also, a big thanks to Rob Hammer for some sick photography...check him out y'all; http://www.robhammerphotography.blogspot.com/.

Don't forget the HomeVibe 3 Year Anniversary Show coming up at the Walnut Room on June 13th. The lineup is insane....check out some details here; http://www.thewalnutroom.com/show/detail/21263. 101.5 is hooking us up again...thanks 101.5!!

We can't wait to see everyone out and about.

And now...one of my favorite music quotes:

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski

If you get a chance...give a holler on this blog...we would love to hear what everyone is up to out there!

Be good....enjoy your day...and make sure you make some time for music!

And of course...See you at the shows!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tonight is the night!! HomeVibe's 2 year anniversary CD release party is tonight at 7pm at the Walnut Room. Can you all believe it has been 2 years!? We have quite the celebration in place for all you HomeVibers out there.

Dan Craig, Gregory Alan Isakov, Coles Whalen, Josh Queen, Kevin Mileski, Rob Drabkin, Blue Light, and Reed Foehl.....I dare you to try and beat this lineup!

There will be two stages, one inside and one outside. Come on all you Coloradoans...the cold does not scare you. Throw on your fleece jacket and brave the fall weather...it will be good for you!

Each person who buys a ticket tonight will get a free copy of HomeVibe Live Volume 2....all of your favorites are on hear with live tracks from the past year's HomeVibe shows. You better act fast though...tickets are quickly disappearing....head here to get yours before the show tonight, www.thewalnutroom.com.

Tonight is going to be amazing...great music, great friends, and some surprises. Write back here on the blog and let us know if you are coming!

See you at the show.

- Jeremy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have you seen Andy Frasco before? Have you heard this kid's music? If you have not....what are you waiting for?! Andy Frasco is one of those rare people who just has it. In addition to being an amazing musician and songwriter, he is just fun to be around.

Andy played a 20 minute set for a HomeVibe show a few months ago. Mike and I were blown away and knew we had to work with Andy again. Well, our chance has arrived.

This Thursday night, Andy Frasco will be playing his only Denver show on his VH1 Save the Music Tour. We are honored that Andy has chosen the Walnut Room and HomeVibe to support this show. Check out some of Andy Frasco's music here:


Teaming up with Andy on Thursday night will be Til Willis, a Denver favorite, and Tiffah from Denver based band The Autumn Film. It is going to be an amazing night.

So, be sure to head out to the Walnut Room this Thursday at 7:30pm to see Andy Frasco live at the Walnut Room. And, be sure to check here for other upcoming HomeVibe news.

Have a suggestion or a comment, post it here. We would love to hear from you.

See you at the show!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't be afraid of the rain!

Jeremy with HomeVibe here. So, who is going to be at the Walnut Room tonight for Dave Preston, Chris Webb and Dan Rockett? I know me and Mike will be there as well as the HomeVibe faithful! It is going to be an amazing show and I certainly hope to see all of you there. It is a night for jam band craziness......don't let the rain stop you from seeing some great music.

If you have not seen already, we added some more great artists for the September 5th HomeVibe Live Volume 2 release party. Josh Queen, Blue Light, and Rob Drabkin will all be playing in addition to the artists already on the bill. Check out more information here:


You really can't miss this show. And, remember, you will receive a copy of HomeVibe Live Volume 2 when you walk in the door. This is a great cd that has live tracks from all of your favorite HomeVibe artists!

See you at the shows!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey all....Jeremy here with HomeVibe! I hope everyone is doing well.

As all you HomeVibe friends know, the last few months have been really exciting for HomeVibe and for Denver music as a whole. Lots of great musicians have come through town. Did any of you come out to the Walnut Room for the Brendan James Josh Queen show last month? Man, what an incredible show! Anyone pick up the latest edition of the Colorado Music Buzz? Our friends over there really hooked us up. There is a great HomeVibe article that gives a good look at what we are trying to do. Thanks CMB!

Lots of great stuff is coming up in the next few weeks, including a HomeVibe Live Volume 2 CD release party at the Walnut Room. This will take place on September 5th and will include some of HomeVibe's favorites.....Dan Craig, Coles Whalen, Reed Foehl, Gregory Alan Isakov, Kevin Mileski. You really can't go wrong with a show like this. And, to top it all off, everyone who walks through the dorr will get a free HomeVibe Live CD. Want to get a taste of what this CD offers, head to our download site at http://homevibepresents.com/share. Don't forget to check our website, www.homevibepresents.com.

So, I hope we can all keep in touch with this new blog site. I am excited to hear what you all have to say about music, life, and the connection between the two.

Remember, come out to a HomeVibe show and experience your very own live music living room. I look forward to staying connected!